Dana Wish List

Many lay supporters ask what the monastery’s specific needs are so they can offer requisites to the Abhayagiri Community. If you are interested in offering anything below, it is helpful to contact Abhayagiri to see if an item is still needed by the monastery. You may use the website contact form to send an email or call us at: (707) 485-1630. We will try to update this list on an ongoing basis. Thank you for your support.

Please note that most companies, e.g., Amazon, often do not include invoices. This makes it impossible for the monastery to identify the donor and so we cannot send an acknowledgement of receipt. If you would like a receipt, please contact the monastery.

Also, the monastery uses a septic system, and due to its sensitivity to certain chemicals, we must be cautious with what we put into it. As such, if you would like to bring laundry detergent please check to see that it is free of phosphates and low in surfactants. A list of some septic-friendly detergents can be found on this webpage.

#2 Bubble Envelopes https://bit.ly/3eXZE84 Used mainly for book mailings.
Friedman's Home Improvement Gift Cards http://bit.ly/2jDP12j Available for purchase online or at Friedman's Home Improvement Stores in Santa Rosa, Ukiah and Napa.
Home Depot Gift Cards https://thd.co/2qPkuCR Available online or in-store.
Safeway Gift Cards https://bit.ly/3cCnbu0 Available online or in-store: requested by the monastery's kitchen stewards.
test of staging and dana list https://amzn.to/3lTqdEm

To inquire about food items one may bring or send to the monastery, please call the kitchen at (707) 485-1630, preferably between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.