Luang Por Pasanno Birthday Celebration Cancelled

Luang Por Pasanno Birthday Celebration Cancelled

With regret, the birthday celebration for Luang Por Pasanno originally scheduled for this Saturday July 27th has been cancelled. Luang Por Pasanno has been invited on short notice to go to Thailand to receive an ecclesiastical title from the new king of Thailand on the king’s birthday, which is Sunday July 28th. He is therefore flying to Thailand on the morning of Friday July 26th and returning next week.

All of us, especially Luang Por Pasanno, regret missing the opportunity to celebrate with him this weekend, but this honor from the King of Thailand is quite significant. At this time, there are no plans for rescheduling the birthday event. If and when it is rescheduled, we will put out another notice.

With appreciation for your understanding and patience,

The Abhayagiri Sangha