Day Visits

The monastery is intended as a spiritual home not just for the monastics living here, but for laypeople as well. Your visits are welcome.

Please feel free to visit Abhayagiri and walk through the forest, meditate, listen to teachings, and have tea with the sangha. You may offer to help in whatever way you can and make the monastery a part of your life. Spiritual friendship between the lay and monastic community is a precious gift. Without contact with the laity, the monastic sangha cannot exist.

Mealtime - 10:45 am (11:00 am during DST)

An excellent time to visit is the mealtime when the community gathers in the hall to receive the meal.

Tea - 5:30 pm

Daily informal teatime gathering. This is also a good time to visit the monastery, ask questions, and speak with the abbot or a senior monk.

Evening Meditation - 7:00 pm

Every evening the community gathers for chanting and meditation. On Saturday evenings and Lunar Observance days (Wan Phra) the chanting and meditation period begins at 7:30 pm and is followed by a public talk.

Please consult the schedule and the calendar for details, events, and other appropriate times to visit the monastery.